In this brief article, you will discover how to start making money in as little as 24 hours by doing the things you currently do on Facebook!

Are you aware that social media has become one of the most important sources of new consumers and revenue for businesses? Companies that used to spend millions of dollars on radio advertisements, TV ads, and billboard displays are increasingly moving significant portions of their marketing expenditures to social networking sites such as Facebook.

So, why are they acting this way? The straightforward answer is…..

Social Proof

What do you believe is more valuable to a company? Someone who sees a business advertising that says:

‘Buy our new smartphone; it boasts a lot of features and is fairly priced!’

Alternatively, the same user may get a Facebook status post from a friend stating:

I adore my new XYZ smartphone, especially its camera.

Of course, the latter is correct. That is why social media is so effective for business.

However, you may be unaware that you have unknowingly become an unpaid marketing agent for these firms!

Every time you mention a business on Facebook, promote a product or service, or ‘like’ a business page, you are making a profit for that company.

And what do you receive in exchange?


Is it fair to you that these companies make all of this money off of your time and efforts while you receive nothing?

What if you could be compensated for the activities you engage in on Facebook?

What if you could be paid for ‘liking’ a page, sharing an article, or leaving a comment?

Instead of squandering your time on Facebook, you might convert it into a source of additional income. That would be really fantastic, wouldn’t it?

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You may do so now!

Affiliate marketing is the key to all of this.

So, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

At its most basic, affiliate marketing is when a company pays you a commission or fee for assisting them in acquiring new clients or sales.

For example, a company that sells a $100 weight reduction program online may have an affiliate network that pays a 50% fee on each transaction you help them make. You may sign up for this affiliate program and then be paid to inform others about the company’s website.

Because the affiliate program offers a 50% commission and the product sells for $100, you would be paid $50 for each consumer you refer to that company’s website.

It’s really that simple.

If you were an affiliate for this weight loss course, all you would have to do is identify folks who are interested in losing weight, get them to click on your affiliate link (which would send them to the company’s website), and then you would get paid $50 for each person who purchased the program.

Facebook is the ideal platform for making money as an affiliate since people tell you precisely what they are interested in (and hence what they may be interested in purchasing!) via their Facebook profiles.

Using the pages that they like

And the groups to which they belong

You can then use this information to suggest goods and or services that they may be interested in (through your affiliate links), and if they purchase them, you get paid!

It is neither spam nor unsolicited marketing since you are simply informing people about goods and services that you know they would be interested in.

Assume you come across a Facebook post in which someone writes:

Is there anybody who can recommend an excellent Android phone? I recently shattered my previous one and need to get a new one as soon as possible!

Normally, you’d respond to a post like this with the name of a phone brand or a link to a phone manufacturer’s website about which you’ve heard excellent things.

However, as an affiliate, you can still provide the same valuable advice, but you will get compensated for it! Instead of just sending them a link to the best-selling Android phones, you can send them an affiliate link.

They will never know the difference since they are still sent to the same web page with the bestselling Android phones, but if they purchase a phone from that website, you will get compensated.

That’s incredible!

Are you looking forward to getting started? The first step is to sign up for affiliate programs.

Participate in Affiliate Programs

If you want to maximize your profits as a Facebook affiliate, you should join one of two big affiliate programs:

As  I am sure you are aware, Amazon is the world’s largest shopping website, selling anything from baby diapers to coffins. What you may not know is that you may become an Amazon associate via their program ‘Amazon Associates.’

When you join their affiliate program, you will be able to earn commissions when you direct someone to their website using your affiliate link.

Amazon’s affiliate network is ideal for advertising any kind of physical product, such as a smartphone or watch.

On the platform, you can promote over 1,000,000 goods and earn up to 8.5 percent commission on the selling price of each item.

An 8.5 percent fee may not seem like much, but on a $500 smartphone, for example, it means you are paid $42.50 simply for sending someone to the phone’s purchase page.

It’s extremely almost free money.

Join the Amazon affiliate program by clicking here.

Clickbank is the world’s biggest online digital marketplace, which means it offers everything that can be downloaded to a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

This includes ebooks, audio lectures, movies, computer applications, and so forth. You can join Clickbank’s affiliate network and earn a commission for marketing any of the digital products in their marketplace.

Furthermore, since all of the items in the Clickbank marketplace are digital, the commission rates are far larger than those found on Amazon. Typically, you will be paid 50-75 percent commission on each product you advertise!

Join the Clickbank affiliate program by clicking here.

Make Money!

After you’ve signed up for the affiliate programs, the next step is to start incorporating affiliate marketing into your everyday Facebook use so you can start making money!

But don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

You can’t simply walk around Facebook putting your affiliate links for random items. The most crucial thing to understand with Facebook affiliate marketing is…


When you share an affiliate link on Facebook, it must be relevant to the conversation, person, or group with whom you are interacting.

If you just start sending out random affiliate links to everybody you come across on Facebook, without considering what the offer is or if that person would be interested in it, you are effectively spamming.

It is not just spam, but it is also a waste of your time.

Whether you simply send out affiliate links to random offers that you don’t even know if people would be interested in, it’s quite unlikely that they will purchase anything.

On the other hand, if you are strategic in your approach and provide individuals with affiliate links to items and services that are relevant to them, you may earn a lot of money.

And, as previously said, Facebook makes it really simple to discover what others are interested in, thinking about or feeling at any given time.

At a glance, the following information may be obtained from a person’s Facebook account:

    • Status updates — Tell the story of what is going on in a person’s life at any given time (having a baby, starting a diet, going on a holiday, etc.)
    • Likes – Provide a quick picture of what individuals are interested in.
    • Groups – People with similar interests form a single Facebook group, allowing you to effortlessly reach out to a huge number of people with a focused offer. Think about Facebook groups for individuals who want to lose weight, new parents, people who want to make money, culinary clubs, and so on.

It’s simple to identify and recommend products to a group of individuals once you know what they’re interested in (with your affiliate links).

    • Applications And Games – Facebook lets you view what apps and games people use on Facebook, which may provide you tremendous insight into what else they could be interested in purchasing.
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How to Make Money on Facebook in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Find a hobby that interests you.

The first step is to find someone, or a group of individuals, on Facebook who you have classified as having a similar interest to you like specific interests (through a status update, comment, like, group, etc.).

You will come across folks like these all the time if you use Facebook regularly. Your newsfeed is continually flooded with information indicating that someone has liked a certain page, joined a group, or set a new goal through a status post, among other things.

If you want to discover even more people to contact, explore outside your connections and utilize the Facebook search tool to uncover groups, pages, or tags that will help you segment a target audience.

Step 2: Locate a product to advertise.

Once you’ve located a person or group of individuals who have a common interest, the next step is to select an affiliate product to advertise to them.

Clickbank offers a wide range of digital items such as ebooks, video courses, audio programs, software, membership sites, and more. And, as you’re probably aware, Amazon offers everything from books to bicycles, televisions, phones, iPads, and…. well, just about anything.

So, between the Clickbank affiliate network and the Amazon Associates affiliate program, you may find a product to advertise that appeals to almost anyone. For example, suppose you stumbled upon a Facebook status post that said:

Arrrrgh! I adore my child, but why can’t she sleep for more than two hours at a time?

You may go to the Clickbank marketplace, search for ‘Parenting and Families,’ and pick a related ebook or video course to help them. A brief scan of the Clickbank marketplace uncovers various products that educate parents on how to persuade their children to sleep through the night. These are ideal, and you can earn $20 or more every sale.

Once you’ve discovered a suitable product, the following step is to get your affiliate link for it. Both Clickbank and Amazon have varied processes for this, and you can find thorough instructions on their websites in the affiliate training areas.

Step 3 – Provide them with your affiliate link!

The fourth and simplest step is to just provide them with your affiliate link.

Let us return to the previous example of someone posting on their Facebook timeline:

Is there anybody who can recommend an excellent Android phone? I recently shattered my previous one and need to get a new one as soon as possible!

You may react with something like:

Hello, I’ve heard that the new XYZ phone is great. Here’s a link to the top-selling Android phones, all of which have independent consumer reviews to assist you to decide:

It’s as simple as that.

If you find a Facebook group with a similar interest, you might post a new remark with your link, or you may respond to any status updates or comments from other members of the group.

Pro Tip: Don’t simply provide your affiliate link as a remark or reply. Write a thoughtful, useful answer or remark, simply include your affiliate link at the end as an additional source of information they may want to explore later. This will make your comments seem more authentic and increase the number of hits on your affiliate link.

URL Shortening Services

Some affiliate links, such as Clickbank affiliate links to particular items, might be rather long like so:

This is OK and will function if you send it to someone on Facebook. However, it does not look very attractive and is not very useful given the brief message nature that Facebook sometimes requires.

In these situations, you can use a URL shortener like:

You may use a URL shortener like Bitly to make your lengthy affiliate URL look like this:

Into a short, easy-to-remember URL like this:

Bitly will automatically redirect everyone who clicks on your abbreviated URL to your full affiliate URL.