There are lots of reasons why people usually fail when it comes to making money online. Let’s take a look at some of them bearing in mind that every situation is different. This means it is vitally important to understand your unique situation and figure out what might get in your way so you can deal with it and move past it.

Everyday Life

One of the first things most people have to overcome to start a business is the rest of life. Everyday life activities that subtly don’t give you time to actually buckle down and do the work necessary to achieve success.

These things might be raising kids, washing, cleaning the house, cooking, and at the same time working a job. The problem is there will be very few hours or energy left at the end of the day to really sit down and focus on your business.

These are everyday issues that every normal human being encounters on day to day basis, and without really meaning it, these little things will make you lose an hour of work here and there, and before you know it the day is gone and tomorrow you start all over again.

This might go on for weeks and you find yourself rationalizing and saying to yourself that maybe you are not cut out for this online thing. You could say you’ve got a family to take care of that you don’t have time. Yes maybe you don’t and that’s because you don’t want to have the time.

No Skill Set

Making money online requires that you learn lots of things especially if you are not familiar with anything about online marketing. The pieces are many and each angle will lead you on a new tangent of study. The thing is that no one can know it all and the things that you should know can take quite some time to figure out.

On average; anyone who is stepping out online to make a living will require at least six to eight months to master the basics. This is before they can actually make any meaningful headway. Unfortunately, few people are willing to wait that long, especially if they need the money to keep surviving on a daily basis.

Limited Resources

By resources, I mean money and time. Yes you can sometimes start an online business with very little money up front, but the truth is if you want to get serious and actually create a business, you will need to invest in your business.

Self- Doubt or Lack of Confidence

To me, the biggest problem that causes people to fail to either start or create a successful business is self-doubt. It seems so simple, but believing in yourself is sometimes the hardest thing to do. It seems so simple, but believing in yourself is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Self -doubt is the biggest killer of dreams.

The moment this gets hold of you, all the other problems I outlined above come crashing down on top of you. If you somehow get passed the three issues raised above; they alone won’t be of much help if you lack conviction, strength of character and the inner drive to succeed. You will just give up at the first sign of trouble.

The Sixty-four Thousand Dollar Question

The question now is what then? How do you get past all these obstacles in your way? How do you actually get started? Where exactly do you start from, and how for Pete’s sake do you keep moving on? How do you get comfortable with who you are on the inside so you will be able to find the right model or system that fits you and stick with it? That’s exactly what I will be talking about, so please keep reading. 

Making Your 1st Dollar Online; Where to Start, How to Start and How to Keep Moving Forward

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