Right now, there are a TON of methods to generate money online.

There are so many methods to get started that it may be really daunting.

Here’s what I suggest:

Choose one thing that you wish to excel in (for example, blogging) and stick to it.

The wonderful thing about blogs is that you can repurpose your material into a variety of various channels, which I’ll explore further down in this piece.

How To Make Money Writing A Blog

Step One: Conduct Keyword Research for Your Blog Post

To begin making money from your blog, you’ll need to find some strong keywords that customers are interested in and are searching for on Google.

If you’re new and don’t know what a keyword is, it’s basically what consumers type in to locate various items or services displayed on Google search.

With Shine Ranker tool, it will truly show you how many people search for certain themes each month and proposes keywords that you may not have realized people were looking for.

How To Make Money Writing A Blog

What makes a keyword good?” you may be asking.

An excellent keyword is anything that hasn’t been addressed adequately or enough yet.

Consider this:

If you Google the phrase “cats,” you’ll find a TON of websites and businesses ranking for that keyword.

To appear for a keyword like “cats,” you’d have to outperform the millions of other websites fighting for this term.

Instead, it’s far simpler to target terms for which no one is actually competing!

Yes, the search volume is lower, but the traffic adds up quickly.

By choosing simple keywords, you may begin developing content that either addresses the phrase first or answers it better than everyone else.

You may use the Shine Ranker keyword research tool to discover keywords with EASY difficulty, which means there is little to no competition for the phrases you want to generate traffic from with your content.

All you have to do is write in the primary term, and Shine Ranker will provide you with a list of keywords that it recommends, after which you can click on check difficulty to identify the easy keywords.

How To Make Money Writing A Blog

Step Two: Provide Your Readers with What They Want

You have two options when it comes to generating traffic and generating full-time income from your blog:

  1. Create content and hopefully your article ranks.
  1. Use the Shine Ranker content editor, which informs you exactly what you need to incorporate in your article to rank first on Google.

To be BETTER than your competition, you must first determine the averages you will need to reach in order to beat them.

My strategy is, I would go through each website that was ranking on Google and count the number of words in each of the articles that were showing up. (I still do this even now but a lot easier with The Shineranker  Tool)

I’d also look at the number of photos, headers, and even the sorts of words they were using the most so that I could strive to outdo all of those averages in my blog article.

Fortunately, we now have tools that can handle all of this for you.

The Shine Ranker Content Editor lets you enter a keyword and the program will scan the top ten sites ranking on Google for that term, then tell you what averages you need to meet in order to rank and earn money blogging.

Really cool right?

How To Make Money Writing A Blog

Step Three: Next Is To Monetize Your Blog Posts

Making money with your blog is SUPER simple once you have enough visitors.

There are a TON of different methods to generate full-time income, but I’ll tell you where I think you should start if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Personally, I like to promote affiliate programs for tools where I can profit from regular subscriptions. In other words recurring income.

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program enables you to advertise other people’s goods or services in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds.

For example, when I first started talking about utilizing AI robots to create your blog articles for you, I recommended that people use a product called Jasper, which does just that.  Or even Article Forge can do the same. 

I will make money every time someone clicked on Article Forge to check it out and test it, and once they opted to join up for their tool.

Step Four: Repurpose Your Blog Post Content Most individuals miss this step because they are unaware that their blog posts may be transformed into a plethora of other types of content.

When you write a blog article for your readers, some of them may choose to view the same material as a video.

Some of your viewers may choose to listen to your information as a podcast.

In any case, it’s critical that you try to reach your audience wherever they are engaging with your content.

Now, I’m not going to go into great depth on the precise process you should follow to transform a blog article into a video, then into a podcast, and so on.

I will, however, endeavor to provide you with a broad overview.

    • Convert a YouTube video into an MP3 podcast.

You can go even farther and extract quotations and transform them into images to publish, but I’m not there yet since it takes time to automate everything.

Step Five: Automate Your Profitable Blog Posts

Obviously, doing all of this by yourself would take a very long time.

That’s why I advocate combining Shine Ranker and Virtual Assistants to assist you with the task.

With Shine Ranker, you can monitor any term you wish to target in your dashboard and then outsource to virtual assistants.

All you have to do is assign the keywords for which you want material generated and establish a shareable link inside the dashboard; the rest will be handled by your VAs.

How To Make Money Writing A Blog

What Exactly Is A Virtual Assistant(VA)?

A virtual assistant is someone who can assist you with the chores that need to be outsourced. You usually do this if there is a lot to do and you can’t handle them by yourself. 

For example, the plan I showed you above to automate your blog postings can be handled by the majority of your VAs.

I may expand on this more in the future, but for now, that’s all I’ve got.

Step Six: Begin Gathering Emails

When you first start blogging, be sure you have a mechanism to gather emails.

This is critical since the majority of your audience will just see your blog article once and will never return.

To add an email sign-up form to your blog, I suggest utilizing a program like GetResponse.

To summarize

If you want to start generating money from your blog as soon as possible, this is the FASTEST approach I know of.

While there are many various methods to achieve this, I can assure you that if you stick to it, you will ultimately be able to earn a lot of money.