If you are in a hurry then I suggest you watch this presentation that walks you through how to consistently make $800 to $1200 daily with ChatGPT.But you have to put in the work first.

But if you do have the time then keep reading.  

Want to know how to make between 800 and 1200 dollars every day? The unexpected occurs in life. You may occasionally need extra money to pay a bill or to put money aside for a purchase you want. We’ve all experienced it, but what do you typically do?

This is a comprehensive list of quick money-making methods that anyone can use right now to earn $800 to $1200 in a single day.

How Can I Earn 800-$1200 Per Day?

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How to Earn $800 to $1200 Quickly

Are you searching for quick ways to make $800 right now? The internet and the gig economy have made it possible to quickly earn an additional $800 to $1200 outside of your normal employment.

Although there may be other, more effective ways to earn money, the list of ways to earn $800 to $1200 quickly in the near future is provided nonetheless.

Let’s begin with the freebies… Basically, get paid for doing nothing. Check to see if you have any unclaimed funds as a first step. You might have a utility deposit on an account you closed, a check from a past employer from your high school job, or an old bank account that you created when you were a child. If you think you may be owed money, check with NAUPA.

I’ll then demonstrate to you 34 quick ways to make $800 to $1200. Your talents, expertise, and amount of work will determine how quickly you can earn $800 to $1200 per day. Most of these methods to make money are adaptable, and some of them let you get paid for doing things you currently do on a daily basis.

  1. Generate income by taking part in market research

By taking surveys on a variety of survey websites, you can get money. This is a simple method to generate some extra income. While it is unlikely that you will quickly make $800 to $1200 just taking surveys, if you combine it with other ways to create money, it can still help you achieve your goal.

Some of the best sites that pay people to take internet surveys are listed below:

a. Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a well-known rewards website that pays you for taking part in various online tasks, such as market research or online surveys. One of the best and highest paying survey sites is Swagbucks, where you can sign up to earn money online by participating in paid surveys. With Swagbucks, you can make anywhere from $0.05 and $2.50 per survey. Some polls have payouts between $25 and $35.

b. Survey Junkie: One of the top reputable survey websites available is Survey Junkie. By completing surveys with them, you can gain virtual points. Then, you can exchange your points for e-Gift cards or PayPal cash.

c. InboxDollars: This well-known survey and cash rewards website will pay you to complete various online tasks. Online survey completion is one of the best ways to earn InboxDollars money. You can withdraw your money using a check or gift card once you have $30 in your account.

d. LifePoints: This is one of the best survey sites to join if you want to earn money every day by taking surveys. You can make more money by completing more surveys.

2. Generate Income Using Cash Back Apps

You can get some of the money you’ve already spent back, did you know that? In this situation, cash back applications are useful. When you use one of the many trustworthy cash back apps available, you will receive cash back on your purchase.

Here are a few well-known applications that can help you get paid to shop:

a. Capital One Shopping: Chrome addon called Capital One Shopping automatically looks for promo codes when you shop online. At checkout, the coupon is automatically applied, saving you money right away.

b. Dosh: Using Dosh, which offers cash back rewards whether you shop, eat, or travel, you may earn free money. To start receiving cash back from brands, all you need to do is download the app, create a free account, and connect your regular credit or debit card(s).

No scanning of coupons or receipts. You can withdraw money through a bank transfer, PayPal, or Venmo once you have $25.

c. Rakuten: One of the most well-known apps that allows you to receive cash back at more than 2.500 retailers is Rakuten. Simply use the Rakuten app to make the scheduled purchases at your preferred retailers to receive cash back. When you sign up with them, you will receive a $5–$10 incentive.

No matter where you purchase, Fetch Rewards is a money-making app that rewards you to scan receipts. Numerous brands directly partner with Fetch Rewards. You will gain points when you make purchases from any of these brands using the Fetch Rewards app. Your points can be redeemed for benefits like gift cards from the most well-liked retailers and stores.

e. Upside: When you shop with your Upside-linked debit or credit cards, this app pays you cash back on petrol purchases. When you set up your account, you’ll receive a $5 incentive.

3. Perform Online Freelance Work

One of the easiest methods to quickly make $800 to $1200 is to offer your services online as a freelancer if you have any marketable abilities, such as writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, web design, video editing, virtual help, SEO, social media marketing, or any other ability you can sell online.

Typically, clients use independent contractors for one-time or temporary assignments. Some of the top websites for finding freelance jobs online are listed below:

  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Fiverr
  • Outsourcely

As a freelancer, register with numerous freelancing websites and begin submitting bids for assignments that suit your interests and skill set.

Depending on the amount of work you put in and the talents you possess, freelancing is one of the fastest methods to make $800 to $1200 quickly.

  1. Create an online blog

Starting a blog has the potential to earn you $800 quickly once it gains traction. If you enjoy writing and are knowledgeable about a subject, you can create a self-hosted WordPress blog by setting up your blog on your own hosting account with the help of a reputable web hosting provider like Bluehost.

Even if you lack any technological knowledge, you can set up a blog on your own. Here are some easy steps you can follow to launch a blog:

  • Select a topic or niche for your blog
  • Select a name for your site
  • Purchase a domain name (your blog’s URL)
  • Purchase hosting from a dependable web hosting provider
  • Install WordPress software
  • Start blogging

I strongly advise choosing a reputable web host when selecting a web hosting provider. Here Bluehost comes into play.

a. Bluehost: When you decide to host your blog with Bluehost, which is the best web hosting company if you want to start a self-hosted WordPress blog or site, you can start a blog for as little as $3.95 per month. One of the few web hosts that WordPress.org recommends for self-hosted WordPress blogs is Bluehost.

When you use web hosting from Bluehost, you don’t need any technical expertise to set up your domain on your hosting account and install WordPress software to have your own self-hosted blog.

A blog may be made profitable in so many different ways. However, you won’t be able to monetize your site and earn money until you have some steady visitors. Your blog can be used to generate income through online advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, the sale of your own goods or services, and other strategies.

  1. Provide grocery delivery and takeout

One of the easiest ways to make $800 to $1200 quickly, or even more, is to deliver groceries and takeout food. You can get paid to deliver groceries and food to customers’ homes through various gig economy jobs, such those offered by DoorDash, Instacart, and Postmates.

You can work around your schedule because this position has excellent flexibility. The pay for this position varies per company.

a. DoorDash – As a Dasher with DoorDash, you may earn money delivering takeaway. Per delivery, you can make between $2 and $10. During busy times, you will also receive bonuses, so take advantage of them.

b. Instacart – If you want to shop for groceries, you can also make money doing it for others. With the help of the supermarket delivery service Instacart, you may make money by doing other people’s food shopping and delivering their purchases to their houses. Orders are placed by customers using the Instacart app.

c. Postmates – Postmates is a company that delivers food. You’ll get paid to deliver food in your neighborhood. You can transport food to customers’ doorsteps using a car, motorcycle, scooter, bike, or even on foot.

  1. Play with Dogs to Make Money

If you enjoy working with animals, you might be paid to walk dogs for others. You may use this as a profitable side job to quickly make $800 to $1200. There are numerous pet care websites that can connect you with customers who require a dog walker or someone to keep an eye on their pets while they are away from home or at work.

a. Rover: This is a website and mobile application used by pet owners to locate dog walkers and pet sitters who offer their services. If you regularly walk several dogs, you can quickly earn $800 $1200.

7. Locate Hidden Cash

One of the easiest ways to earn $800 to $1200 per month is to find hidden money. You can uncover secret ways to save money on your regular online purchases and cut your bills automatically with the help of a number of price drop applications and websites.

The following are the top websites and programs for finding hidden money and automatically lowering your bills online:

a. Rocket Money: Are you paying too much for your illnesses? Then Rocket Money can assist you in saving money by terminating any unnecessary subscriptions and minimizing your monthly payments. It can help you get better prices on your account and cancel any services you don’t want. 40% of your savings go toward their fee.

b. Trim: This is a different money-saving tool that negotiates your phone, internet, cable, and medical costs as well as cancels your previous subscriptions. Trim can also bargain with your bank and credit card company to reduce your credit card interest rates (APRs), eliminate interest costs, and receive reimbursements for unauthorized bank fees.

c. Capital One Shopping: Capital One Shopping will keep track of your online purchases and assist you in getting your money back. As a price drop app, Capital One Shopping notifies you when an item you purchased online decreases in price and assists you in getting the difference returned. Additionally, Capital One Shopping can assist you in obtaining compensation for delayed delivery from a select few online merchants, such as Amazon, by tracking your shipments. The services of Capital One Shopping are free.

When prices change, Capital One Shopping Price Protection takes the task to find you a refund. Even the reimbursement can be negotiated by it on your side!

  1. Receive Free Stocks

Numerous businesses provide free stocks online as part of their services and applications. Then, you can decide whether to keep them for the long term or sell for a profit right away. Even some businesses may pay dividends. If you want to quickly make $800 to $1200, try looking into how to get free stocks from the top investment apps:

a. Robinhood – Playing their pick-a-card game of chance on Robinhood gives you the chance to win a free stock worth between $2.50 and $200. Opening an account with Robinhood is free. There is no required minimum balance.

For stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrency, Robinhood offers commission-free trading. It also offers tools to help you plan your financial future. Join today and receive a free first stock valued between $5 and $200.

b. Webull – If you open an account and deposit at least $100, Webull will give you a free stock worth between $8 and $1,600. Through the Webull app or website, you can trade EFTs, stocks, and options without paying a cent.

c. M1 Finance – When you open an account with M1 Finance, you can receive a free stock worth $10. You choose your stocks and index choices, and M1 Finance automates your investments on your behalf after free account creation and money deposit.

d. Acorns – Financial app Acorns is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. This program invests the amount that is rounded up to the nearest dollar from every purchases made with the associated credit cards. When you open a new account with Acorns, you will receive $5. Additionally, Acorns enables you to get cash back on certain retailers’ ordinary purchases. Your cash back profits can be set up as recurring investments.

e. Public – Public is a different investment app that offers a free $10 sign-up bonus when you open an account.

9. Get Paid Right Now Using Apps

a. Albert – Albert will lend you up to $250 to help you get by. No hidden hands in your pocket, interest charges, credit checks, or late fees.

b. Empower – With Empower, you receive payment today and can withdraw up to $250 without paying any more fees or interest on the money you’ve already earned.

10. Decide to Work Part-Time

Finding a second job to earn part-time side income is the simplest approach to get an additional $800 to $1200 when you need it. You might also inquire about picking up more shifts at your present position.

Babysitting, housework, working in a cafe, being a sales assistant, a receptionist, and other employment are examples of part-time work you could do.

  1. To Win Real Money, Play Games

It’s entertaining to earn money while having fun by playing games on your smartphone. While using gaming applications to win real money won’t guarantee a steady income, it might be a pleasant side hustle if you enjoy playing games on your smartphone.

Through a variety of game applications and websites, you may make real money playing games online.

a. Mistplay – On your Android and iOS devices, you can use the Mistplay software to get paid to play online games. You accumulate points that may be exchanged for Visa prepaid gift cards, iTunes, Amazon, and Nintendo gift cards. Depending on the number of hours you spend playing and other criteria, you can earn anywhere between 20 and 200 points per game. The value of one thousand five hundred points is approximately $5.

It sounds like a dream to be able to make money by playing games on your phone. However, Mistplay actually compensates you with free gift cards for playing new games. You can play for free and never have to make a deposit.

b. Lucktastic – Lucktastic is a free software that lets you play scratch-off games to win real money and prizes as well as tokens. As you play, you can accumulate tokens that you can exchange for gift cards from more than 30 well-known brands and merchants or use them to enter competitions for a chance to win prizes.

c. Solitaire Cube – Playing solo card games with Solitaire Cube is a fun method to make money if you’re solely interested in playing the traditional Solitaire game online. The app’s download and account creation are both free. To play for real money, though, you must deposit a minimum of $10 into your account.

d. Boodle – Every time you download and use a new app or game, Boodle will give you Boodle coins. Additionally, Boodle will reward you with coins for performing other tasks including responding to polls, finishing limited-time offers, finding bargains, and referring friends. The coins you earn can be exchanged for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Nike, Chipotle, and more.

e. InboxDollars – Playing games on InboxDollars is a way to get additional money online. There is a $5 welcome incentive when you join InboxDollars. Mahjong, Solitaire, Sudoku, and Word Chess are a some of the arcade games offered on InboxDollars.

f. Swagbucks – Playing online games is one of the ways you may earn money on Swagbucks. Signing up for Swagbucks is free. You receive a $5 welcome bonus after you sign up and complete your profile.

12. Make Money Off of Your Gas Receipts

Consider using applications like Upside that will pay you for your receipts if you’re looking for quick methods to generate money.

a. Upside – Upside is aware that supporting local businesses can help you reconnect with your neighborhood and unearth hidden treasures. However, you still want the best prices, which is why Upside is so useful. The app is a reliable way to get cash back at grocery stores, restaurants, and petrol stations that participate. The greatest cash back app for petrol we’ve reviewed, hands down.

Do you frequently search your neighborhood for inexpensive gas, but always end up going to the same spot? You can search nearby gas stations and other Upside-participating companies that provide cash back.

13. Income from Rentals

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own rental properties without having to go through the arduous process of purchasing, renovating, and reselling real estate?

In order to invest in these kinds of properties, you don’t need to be a millionaire. With Ark7, you can now discover your inner property owner.

Investors receive returns from the rental cash flow and any increase in the property value when it is sold, just as with any other rental property, without having to paint a wall or get their hands dirty.

The industry is flourishing and investors are eager for a return outside of equities and bonds, which is why the number of investors on its platform grew last year.

As simple as buying stocks, Ark7 makes real estate investing possible. Explore thoroughly screened properties, diversify your holdings, and generate passive income. Especially when it comes to investing directly in a rental property, Ark7 can provide you with some of the best features available on the market for investing in real estate for rental purposes.

14. Get Paid to Sell Your Data

Some businesses may pay you for sharing their website with them about your online surfing habits. The following websites will buy your data (browsing activity) for money:

a. Nielsen Mobile Panel – For your data to be collected while you utilize mobile internet, Nielsen Mobile Panel will pay you. In order to understand the patterns and behaviors of people who use the internet for regular internet use, it will gather your browsing activity. Credits that you earn can be exchanged for gift cards to a wide range of merchants.

To keep their app on your preferred internet-browsing gadget, this business will pay you $50 a year, and they also give out $10,000 every month. Other than first registering your computer or phone, nothing else needs to be done.

b. MobileXpression (iOS) – MobileXpression is another another website that will compensate you for providing data about your web browsing. MobileXpression attempts to understand the trends in online search, commerce, entertainment, and other website activities by gathering your browsing information. Become a member of MobileXpression today, and after only one week of active membership, you’ll receive a gift card. It is presently only accessible on iOS devices.

15. Earn Money Walking

Yes, you heard correctly. If you enjoy walking every day, there are applications that will pay you to do so.

a. HealthyWage – You can get paid by HealthyWage to lose weight. Simply download the app, create an account, and place a wager on how much weight you want to lose, how long it will take you to lose it, and how much you want to wager. The HealthyWage Prize Calculator will then calculate the amount of your prizes. Once you’ve lost the weight, you’ll be compensated for accomplishing your weight loss objective. It’s a fantastic method to eran extra cash.

Your coins can be redeemed for PayPal cash or goods like Apple products, sporting goods, etc.

b. Sweatcoin – An app called Sweatcoin rewards you for walking. You will be compensated with bitcoins. After downloading the app, you can start earning 5 Sweatcoins daily for walking 5,000 steps. However, you can boost the quantity of Sweatcoins you can earn each month by selecting a higher membership level that is paid for on a monthly basis in Sweatcoins. Sweatcoins can be used to make purchases from businesses in the app’s marketplace.

c. Achievement – After creating an account there, you’ll need to link your preferred fitness apps to Achievement. Following that, you can begin accumulating points and incentives by engaging in a range of exercises, such as walking, that enhance your health. You warn more frequently the more active you are. Once you have accumulated 10,000 points, you can exchange them for $10 by PayPal or bank account direct deposit.

  1. Scooter Chargers

Are you trying to find quick ways to make some extra cash? Then you may charge electric scooters to make hundreds of dollars each week. Rental firms for electric scooters like Bird and Lime will pay you to charge their vehicles.

You only need to pick up scooters that need to be charged to start this simple side business. No specialized knowledge or expertise are needed.

a. Bird – Bird is a company that rents out electric scooters at a reasonable rate, which is how people in busy regions get around town. If you charge Bird’s electric scooters, they will pay you. Through their app, you can apply to become a Charger. The business will give you a specific amount of chargers after your application to become a Charger is approved. You will receive payment for each Bird that you pick up, charge, and deliver to the designated Bird location. You will need to deliver them by 7 a.m. Depending on your location and how challenging it is to pick up, charge, and drop off a Bird, some Birds will pay you more than $5.

b. Lime – If you’re looking for a short side gig to earn some additional money, you can charge Lime Scooters. Depending on how much power is left, a Lime Scooter might take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours to charge. If you have extra chargers and can charge 10 Lime Scooters per day, you may make $50 per day, assuming that each scooter is worth $5. Just download the app and register to become a juicer online or through the app. Your electric scooter chargers will be sent to you by Lime if your application is approved.

17. Profit from social media

If you are adept with social media, you may be compensated to maintain one or more accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other accounts of businesses or individuals, depending on the requirements of each client.

Depending on your clients’ goals and your abilities, your duties as a social media manager may involve answering comments, communicating with followers, making social media graphics, increasing the audience size, monitoring, and more.

a. Snapchat – This is one of the social media channels with the quickest growth that you may use to generate income online. You can advertise your own goods or services on Snapchat by making advertisements. Alternately, you can make money by using the content you post on Snapchat to advertise your goods.

In order to monetize your Snapchat account, you can use sponsored posts and photographs to advertise your own goods and services, send Snapchat users to your online store, and use affiliate marketing to advertise other goods and services. Their referral program also offers you the chance to profit.

b. Twitch – Twitch is a social networking site for live streams of video game play, where users can participate in or watch others. You can use it as a platform to monetize your interest and earn some additional money. On Twitch, gamers may develop an audience and start earning money. To draw in additional people, you must continue to produce streams on a regular basis. To advertise your Twitch broadcasts, you can make use of your already-existing social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. As your audience expands, you’ll have more opportunities to make money, like accepting donations, partnering with businesses on brand collaborations, marketing your own products, and more.

c. Facebook – By joining Local Buy and Sell Groups on Facebook, you can use the site to sell your goods nearby. Or you might use Facebook Marketplace to sell. To earn money, you can share your referral or affiliate links on Facebook Marketplace. You can get some extra money, for instance, by sharing your favorite Facebook apps and websites. You can create advertisements for other people’s pages to make money or for your own page to advertise your own company. You can also earn money by managing your clients’ Facebook accounts as a social media manager.

d. Youtube – Making a YouTube channel to share fascinating, informative, or how-to videos on YouTube is a great method to generate money on social media if you are talented at making videos and have video editing skills. You can earn money from the advertising that appear on your videos once you have amassed the necessary following to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Additionally, you can monetize your YouTube videos through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, the sale of your own goods and services, and other strategies. The more views your videos receive, the more money you’ll make.

18. Earn Money Taking Pictures

Do you like snapping pictures with your smartphone or digital camera? After that, you can profit from your images. You may simply make money by selling them online. If you can take high-quality photos, which are in high demand, you can make money by selling your photos on stock photo websites. On each sale, you typically receive a commission in the form of a set percentage. To sell your photos on renowned stock photo websites, try:

a. iStock – This is a respectable platform where you may submit your photos for review and approval. After the site accepts your images, you can sell them. Depending on the image quality, whether it has been submitted to another stock photo website, and other considerations, you can make between 25 and 45 cents per stock photo.

b. Adobe Stock – You can make 33% of what someone spends to buy your content if your images are accepted on Adobe Stock. You can ask for a payout using PayPal or Skrill after making $25.

c. PhotoMoolah – You can enter your photos in competitions and not receive a percentage of the sales of your images. If you win, you’ll receive cash awards.

d. Shutterstock – Shutterstock is a well-known stock photo website where you can sell your photos and get paid for each download or purchase. The percentage of money you may get from selling your photos varies, ranging from 15% to 40%. The more pictures people purchase from your portfolio, the quicker you advance to the higher levels.

19. Earn Money Reading Emails

To read emails for money is possible. It is one of the simplest methods to supplement your online income while engaging in activities you already enjoy. Numerous websites offer rewards ranging from 1 cent to 5 cents for reading and opening emails. Here are a few websites that will pay you to read emails.

a. InboxDollars – Signing up for an account with InboxDollars will earn you money just for reading the emails they deliver to your inbox. These emails contain exclusive deals from InboxDollars. To make some extra money, all you have to do is open and read these emails.

b. Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a well-known online rewards program that offers cash and gift cards in exchange for completing various online tasks, including reading emails. You’ll receive email promotions from Swagbucks. Simply reading such emails will earn you SB points, which can then be exchanged for free gift cards to your preferred merchants like Amazon or Walmart or PayPal cash.

c. Inboxpays – Another website that pays you to read emails is InboxPays. By registering for InboxPays, you can make money by reading emails. You may only ask for $25 in a single payout. Your PayPal account receives all deposits of your earnings.

d. Branded Surveys – You can register for a free account to join Branded Surveys, an online market research panel. On the Branded Surveys website, there are a few options to get extra money, including being paid to read emails.

20. Claim the Most Active Class Action Lawsuit

Every year, millions of dollars go unclaimed. By submitting class action settlement claims through Open Class Action Lawsuits, you could get free cash payouts. The process of online claim submission only takes a few minutes.

Most of the time, you can submit a claim without providing proof of purchases. However, it will be helpful if you can attach receipts, credit card statements, or debit card statements to your claims. You can submit claims and receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the claim.

  1. Earn Money Testing Apps

If you frequently use applications, you can earn money online by checking them for usability issues and providing comments. Top websites that pay you to evaluate apps include the following:

a. UserTesting – This will compensate you $10 for each app you test. After seven days of passing the test, you will receive your payment via PayPal.

b. Testbirds – If Testbirds asks you to test an app, you’ll be honest in your evaluation of it. Depending on the test’s difficulty, the compensation rate may change for each successfully completed test. You can earn extra per test if you can identify significant technical bugs.

c. TryMyUI – For each test you take, TryMyUI will pay you $10. An examination typically lasts 20 minutes. You are free to take as many tests as you like. PayPal is used for payments.

22. Earn Money for Watching Ads

Online ad watching is a simple method to get additional money. The money might pile up over time if you watch adverts every day in your free time. The top websites that pay you to watch advertisements are listed below:

a. Swagbucks – Watching commercials is one of the methods to earn money on Swagbucks. On Swagbucks, you can get paid to watch videos. You might see several kinds of movies on Swagbucks.

b. InboxDollars – Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a well-known rewards platform that pays you to view advertisements. It is a simple way to supplement your income during downtime. Depending on the ad, you could make anywhere from $0.05 to $30 or more.

c. MyPoints – MyPoints was one of the first websites that compensate users for seeing internet advertisements. You can be compensated for watching a variety of captivating videos.

23. Earn Money for Reading Books

Since many publishers and writers, particularly upcoming authors, are willing to pay you for writing an honest review of a book, there has been a significant demand for book reviewers.

a. OnlineBookClub.org – Online book clubs can pay you for your reviews, according to OnlineBookClub.org. Depending on the book being reviewed, you can make $5 to $60 per review. Additionally, a copy of the book will be given to you. You may earn $100 to $200 a month by reviewing books if you enjoy reading and have a gift for writing.

b. Any Subject Books – Any Subject Books is a self-publishing company that pays authors to write book reviews of recent publications. You get compensated for writing thorough reviews of each book that you are provided to evaluate, so you are free to read books in the genres that you choose.

c. The U.S. Review of Books – This is a book review publication that employs independent authors to review books of various genres. You must send an email or ordinary mail to the editor with a CV, examples of your work, and at least two professional references if you want to be paid to review books for them.

24. Earn Money for Online Chat

Do you like interacting with new people and lending a hand? Then, as a chat agent, you could be paid to chat online. As a chat agent, you will often assist consumers and respond to questions via online chat. Some of the top businesses where you can be compensated for chatting with clients online are listed below:

a. Amazon Chat Support Representative – To work as an Amazon Chat Support Representative, Amazon hires people who live at home. Responding to client inquiries about deliveries, purchases, and other matters will be among your responsibilities if you are hired for this position. Full-time, part-time, or seasonal employment is all possible for this position.

b. LiveWorld – You might choose to apply for a social media assistant position with LiveWorld if you appreciate using social media while assisting others. Your responsibilities could include answering inquiries from customers, controlling content,

c. The Chat Shop – You might earn money by working remotely as a Live Chat Agent for The Chat Shop, where you might be required to assist clients.

d. JustAnswer – JustAnswer is a question-and-answer website where you may earn money by responding to queries submitted by site visitors. Join JustAnswer to get paid to chat, i.e. answer questions, if you are knowledgeable in a particular topic or fields. PayPal will be used to pay you each month.

  1. Market Your Ideas to Businesses

There are businesses that will pay you for your ideas if you have brilliant ones that you believe will help businesses and people. Here are a few businesses that purchase ideas:

a. 3M – 3M is constantly looking to grow its product range, so if you have any ideas that you think the company might be interested in, you can send them information about them.

b. Domain Products, Inc. – Domain will pay you for your innovative ideas to enhance their current product range, which consists of hardware, automotive, and household goods. They are constantly looking for fresh concepts in these fields.

c. Henkel – Henkel is constantly looking for innovative new product ideas for their line of laundry and home care products. Ideas from customers and students are especially welcome.

d. Sharper Image – By submitting your ideas to Sharper Image, you can earn money.

26. Earn Money Posting Ads Online

You can make money by posting advertisements online in one of two ways: either for other businesses or individuals on your own blog, website, or social media pages on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, or you can post advertisements for your own company.

You may earn money by advertising for businesses on websites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. For instance, you can place affiliate advertisements for other businesses on your website or charge businesses and individuals to place ads on your website to promote their goods, services, etc. Companies may pay you to publish links to their products or services or links to postings about those items or services, depending on the firm.

By putting sponsored pins for businesses on their Pinterest pages, you may monetize your account on Pinterest.

27. Work as an online assistant

The moment is right for you to work as a virtual assistant, or VA. You may easily make $800 quickly as a VA if you have general administrative skills, outstanding communication skills, and are extremely organized. Depending on your talents and the needs of the client, you might execute jobs as a VA such as inputting data into databases, responding to client emails, bookkeeping, managing social media accounts for clients, producing content, managing blogs, and other tasks.

Some of the top websites for finding virtual assistant jobs are listed below:

  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Fancy Hands
  • Boldly
  • Time and others

Starting out as a virtual assistant, you may make $15 to $25 per hour. However, if you have particular skills, you may earn anywhere from $25 to $100 each hour. As a Pinterest VA, for instance, you could earn $50 per hour or more if your area of expertise is management of Pinterest.

28. Rent out your vehicle – The hourly rates vary based on the car, the location, and the distance traveled.

You have the option of having the driver who needs your car pick it up, or you can deliver it to the driver to enhance your rate.

You could make $30 to $70 a day by renting out your car for a few hours each day.

a. Toru – The largest vehicle sharing marketplace, Turo, allows you to hire out your car whenever you aren’t using it. Just post a free Turo listing on your vehicle. You have the option of setting your own daily price or letting Turo change it for you. Depending on the vehicle protection plan you select, you could get between 65% and 85% of the trip cost when a guest rents your vehicle.

b. Getaround – Getaround is a well-known marketplace for car sharing where you may offer your vehicle for free. When a renter reserves your vehicle, the Getaround Connect® gadget enables keyless entrance into your vehicle. If you reside in a city, you may quickly make some additional cash by using Getaround to hire out your car.

29. Dispose of Your Stuff

Want to quickly make $800? After that, you might think about selling your unwanted belongings both online and offline. You can sell your used or unwanted stuff online thanks to the numerous applications and websites available.

Look into programs like Decluttr. See how you can utilize services like OfferUp, Poshmark, and websites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon to sell your goods.

a. Decluttr – You may use Decluttr to sell any unwanted stuff you have laying around your home, like old books, CDs, DVDs, video games, mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and iPods, for quick cash.

You can get a free, quick evaluation of the products you want to sell from Decluttr. Once you’ve decided on a price, simply pack your belongings into a box and mail them free of charge to Decluttr. You are protected in case of anything because all of your purchases are completely insured throughout transit. The day following their receipt of your stuff, you will be paid. PayPal Direct Deposit will be used to send payments.

  1. Lease Your Room

Depending on the size of your space and your location, you might potentially earn an extra $800 per month by renting out the unused space in your home. You can use Airbnb to create supplemental income if you have a spare room. When you go on vacation, you can also rent out your entire home.

a. Use Airbnb as a host – You can offer your room on Airbnb for free if you have one available. One of the simplest ways to make $800 to $1200 quickly if you live somewhere with a lot of tourists is by using Airbnb to rent out your entire apartment or house or even just a spare room.

31. Work as a server or bartender

Consider working as a waitress or bartender if you’re seeking for quick ways to make $800. Although servers and bartenders have meager salaries, the true income comes from tips. If you give your customers excellent customer service, you can earn significantly more in cash tips than your income. See if there are any restaurants in your city, town, or neighborhood that are hiring.

32. Provide Assistance to Family and Friends

By assisting others, you can quickly make $800 to $1200. You may, for instance, offer to do minor favors for friends and family in exchange for cash.

33. Discuss a Pay Increase

Negotiating a compensation increase with your job is one of the best ways to quickly earn $800. You should consider requesting a raise if you have proven to be dependable at your current position and can provide evidence that you deserve to be paid more than your current wage. If you’ve been a productive employee, your employer might be open to your request for a wage raise.

34. Teach English to Others and Make Money

Are you a native English speaker? Then teaching English online to others is one of the best ways to quickly earn $800 to $1200.  You may complete this task with great flexibility around your schedule. There are several of websites that let you instruct pupils in English online. One of the most reliable websites where you can both teach English and make money is VIPKID.

a. VIPKID – if you have at least a year of teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree or higher in any discipline. In addition to incentives, you can make between $14 and $18 per hour. Your bank account or PayPal both let you withdraw your money. One of the best methods to quickly earn $800 to $1200 online is by teaching English to people online with VIPKID.

Now, Go Make $800 to $1200 Fast!

As you can see, with our list of quick ways to make $800 to $1200, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing one that works with your schedule is one of the best ways to get started. The opportunities are limitless if you find the ideal side business for you.

If you’ve been looking for ways to make $800 to $1200 quickly, I hope these methods listed above have given you some inspiration. To get the money you need based on your abilities, experience, and interests, try some of the aforementioned options.