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Digital marketing pdf, do you really need to read any to do well in digital marketing? Yes, you need to and that’s a fact. In your chosen field, digital marketing, it will pay you to read good digital marketing books.

We will find out in this article why it’s important to learn as much as you can about digital marketing. But first, what is digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? This must be the most searched question when it comes to Digital Marketing. People mostly think that Digital Marketing is a totally different field when it comes to marketing in general.

Some think that they can never do Digital Marketing. However, when you think about it, it is just another kind of marketing! The only difference is, you do it online or by digital means.

So, in this digital Marketing pdf, we will discuss how to correctly plunge into Digital marketing, one step at a time.

Learn About Digital Marketing  

What exactly is digital marketing? Why is everybody so excited about it these days? The reason is we are in a digitalized world now. More and more people seek digital aid of some form for almost everything. For example, look at the drawing or painting industry, the health industry.

There are millions of digital artists right now. They spend the same amount of effort although everything is digitalized. They mostly do their businesses online with minimum physical contact.

The transactions are completed online. This way their businesses have become more prominent as well.

Think about an artist. An artist needs a physical medium. For example a canvas. But the digital artists can provide any illustration for any print media. They just have to draw one illustration and they can change it however they wish.

Digital Marketing is no different from this. It is all about getting your brand or business in front of your potential customers. The only difference is the medium you are using.

The most important thing is hooking your potential customers at the correct time. You don’t need to miss any opportunities.

Now, in Digital Marketing all of your prospects are online. They are mostly active in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. People these days don’t want to waste time when they are searching for something online. They want answers fast, as in yesterday already. And the answers and solutions to their problems are just at the click of a button.

This is a great opportunity for you to introduce your product online and make an impression. People will see your product and they will reach out to you. When you are visible online, you are effectively putting yourself in front of millions of people in the whole world.

You are actually engaged in digital marketing. There are no geographical barriers for you. The same product you sold at your physical store in your small town can be out there anywhere in the world in a couple of days now.

Of course, it is kind of overwhelming when you are new to this whole Digital Marketing thing. It is no secret. You have to be in fact patient and follow some necessary steps. Don’t worry we will walk through this together.

In this digital Marketing pdf, you are going to learn everything you need to be a successful digital marketer.

What is Digital Marketing Exactly?  

First of all, let’s see how digital marketing actually works. The main thing you have to understand is, Digital marketing is the process of selling or promoting products and services using digital means. Doing so online is part of digital marketing.

You need to first make an impression online to grab the attention you need for your product or service. As a result, you can pull traffic to your website. The more traffic (People who are visiting your website) you get the more prospects you will be left with.

The final and most important thing is, getting these visitors to join your email list. This way you can convince them to buy your product. If we are talking about an app, then you need to convince them to download your app. 

Why is Digital Marketing Better?

But why is this better than conventional marketing? Don’t they work fine as well? Yes, they do work, however, there are many downsides for them. You will now learn exactly why in this digital Marketing pdf in a second.

1. Digital Marketing is totally measurable.

In other words, you can track how your marketing campaigns are doing. You can have full analytics of your reach and the traffic you gain. You can have a crystal clear idea of how your marketing campaign is affecting people.

If your digital marketing campaign performs well you can continue the good work. If not you can immediately stop and start doing something completely different.

In traditional marketing, on the other hand, it is really difficult to see what is right or wrong in your campaign because you have to manually look for the results.

2. Conventional marketing is quite expensive.

It is practically unaffordable. For instance, if you go for traditional marketing strategies, you need to use billboards. In Atlanta, Georgia for example; a single billboard ad costs $3,000 a month.

However, just one billboard isn’t obviously sufficient. So at least you should get 10 of them. Now you do the math. It’ll cost you $30,000 a month. The other main problem is, after the billboard is completed you cannot make any changes. You have to change the whole marketing campaign thereby wasting a ton of money.

But, in digital marketing, on the other hand, changes can be done in a matter of seconds and the cost will be minimal if any at all.

3. Digital marketing is easy to implement.

Digital marketing strategies are way easier to implement to create awareness and engage the prospects. This awareness and engagement will probably lead to a purchase if done right. You can keep in touch with them introducing new products and even can share useful tips regarding your products.

4. Lead conversion.

With digital marketing, you can convert your leads into loyal customers who will return to buy your products. After you have gained their trust, you can keep them with more and more quality products. This can be achieved by implementing good digital marketing strategies.

5. Product advertisement.

Digital Marketing will give a push to advertise your brand by word-of-mouth. More than conventional marketing strategies, the possibility of being visible to your potential customers is very high. People who bought your products will share them on social media making you reach even more people in the process.

6. Targeted customer interaction.

In traditional marketing, your interaction with your customers should be focused. You have just one shot. If you don’t manage to win your customer then you might not get a second chance. But in digital marketing it’s a lot easier, the buyer will be constantly given marketing pdf

You can show them the previous buyers’ reviews and ratings. You can suggest other products that are related to your products. You can integrate pop-ups on websites or apps with targeted messages at the correct time to hook them.

Buyers can be informed about brand new offers. For example, you can instantly tell them if there is a product on your website which is now 50% off and not to miss it.

Yes, there are endless possibilities and opportunities with Digital Marketing. But how do you start? Don’t fret. Next, we will talk about the basic principles you should follow for digital marketing in this digital Marketing pdf.

Principles of Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly, you should have a solid marketing strategy to go out there and hunt for prospects. However, you should prepare yourself with the required amount of knowledge before you do. That is why these following digital marketing principles will come in handy.

1. Research about your competition.

After you have chosen your niche, research about your biggest competition. How are they welcoming their visitors? How do they treat their customers? Do they have offers? You need to pinpoint everything they do and make a plan to outdo them.

Does your brand, service, or product really deserve to rank number 1 on the search engine result pages? Use their strategies and customize them for your products or services and make them even better. Everything that your competition is well, do them all but much better.

2. All contents are not created equal.

There are millions of content on the internet that relate to different fields. However, not all contents written are good enough, are they all? The answer is No! There is endless trashy content on the internet.

The main reason is, there are no limits for internet users. Everybody can use the internet if they wish. So long as you don’t break any privacy laws, then you are good to go. The customers, on the other hand, can see right through you.

They have seen a thousand useless content and products out there. So, this is your cue to make your product, brand, service, or content to stand out.

You need to make your content to be the ultimate outstanding choice your customers will go for. The main thing you have to do is be genuine and provide top-notch and engaging service.

3. Your marketing message should be simple.

Take, for example, a YouTube video. Would you even open it if it is more than 10 minutes? Unless it’s really important to you, you won’t.

Your digital marketing campaigns should be the same, focused. They have to go straight to the point without wasting your customers’ time. Simplicity is key.

4. Understand your customer.

The next most important principle is understanding your customer. You practically need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer to pinpoint what they really need. You need to thoroughly understand your target audience.

Choose your niche and build your marketing strategies targeting only that niche. If you make your target audience too broad, you will lose your potential customers.

5. Get the message across.

When a visitor reaches your website, it is crucial to show them what they want to see. Help solve their problem or answer a question they are searching for answers to.

However, do this in very simple and in an eye-catching way. Don’t make your visitors go back and forth to find your street address, where you are located, your Email address, or your phone number. Displaying these clearly can build authenticity and it’s easier for the visitors.

6. Use videos.

We don’t even need proof to say that video has become one of the most popular media in digital marketing. When we see something it makes us consume the message more than when we read something. Try giving your customers quality marketing videos. This will let them remember your brand.

7. Get good partners.

Having partners can be a great practice. This can be your direct competitor. When other people mention your website in theirs it tends to pull more traffic to your site. The most important thing is, getting mentioned on a trusted website.

If your website link is somewhere trashy you will hurt your brand and so your ranking and all your marketing efforts will be a waste.

8. Cherish your customers.

Do not abandon them! This cannot be stressed enough. Once they have made a purchase it is not going to end there. Invest in these customers and have constant communication with them.

You can send them Emails to introduce other products, free guides, or offers. This way they will not forget you and will come again to purchase from you.

9. You need to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital world.

Technology is constantly evolving and people have shorter attention span more than ever before. You won’t be able to do the same thing you did yesterday when it comes to digital marketing.

So, when the industry evolves you should adapt your digital marketing strategies as well. Because if you keep doing the old stuff, using outdated marketing strategies, you will be left behind.  Your competitors will leave you in the dust.

Digital Marketing Strategies In Action

You should have a clear understanding of what you need to achieve before jumping into digital marketing. So let’s talk about how you can design your own digital marketing strategy in the next part of this digital Marketing pdf.

1. Awareness

This is the most important part of your online marketing strategy. Before going into business, your audience should know you exist. You cannot possibly expect to magically be known to everybody.

Can you? If Apple hadn’t marketed their brand, they would never have gained its first customer.
There are different ways to create awareness for your prospects.

1. A father who has a kid sees an advertisement through Facebook about a new children’s summer camp.

2. An office employee searches for a new coffee supplier on Google.

3. A music production student sees an Instagram video on brand new noise-canceling headphones that are reviewed by his friend.

Digital Advertising
You can use Digital Advertising to get traffic. The best platforms to advertise your product includes Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

However, running your advertising campaign on Google is one of the best strategies. Google is a search engine and it uses keyword optimization to rank sites.

So, when people are searching for a product, they are brought to your page straight away if your website is on top of the rankings. However, search engine optimization is crucial for this.

The other greatest method is running your ad on Facebook. The more you scroll down the more ads you see. Facebook algorithm notices our activities and suggests related ads.

You can pay a little amount to put your ad there and it will reach many people mainly because it’s a social network. You can expand the reach however you wish when your audience is growing.

The other method is none other than YouTube. YouTube’s goal is to tie you on to the platform and keep watching videos all day long. Like on television, to bring in revenue, they run ads alongside the videos. Very annoying but effective. Run your ad on YouTube and you will be relevant.

Search Marketing
Ranking 1st on the search engine results pages is not a walk in the park. You need to constantly fight for your place because it is a very competitive game.

Although SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a whole other vast topic we can divide it into 2 main categories. 1st one is the technical side of the website.

This is mainly about the technical and structural side. The 2nd one is the content side of the website. This is about how well optimized your content is, link building, and boosting social shares.

You need an SEO content specialist and SEO technician to balance both of the sides.

Search Marketing strategies you can use

1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

2. Do On-page SEO by having the best web page with quality content.

3. Make content finding keywords based on user intent. (What the users are looking for on a search engine)

4. Find out the best digital platform to satisfy the user intent. It can be YouTube, Pinterest, or Amazon.

5. Use Google analytics and use a call to action for those pages you have the most traffic on. After all, your goal is to make sales.

6. Building backlinks. Head over to Backlinko for a complete guide.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is all about providing the correct information at the right time to your prospects. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of a great content marketing strategy.

1. Perfect Content Marketing is created to go through a full-funnel. Top of the Funnel (TOFU) needs to be content that creates awareness and draws prospects in. Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) needs to have content for evaluation. Finally, at the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU), there needs to be content for the final conversion.

2. Understand the current intent of your audience and anticipate the future intent or needs that might arise. Then prepare for them while also satisfying their current need.

3. Make a clear path for the leads to convert by giving them as much information as necessary to push them to take the desired action. Do not overwhelm them with information

4. Retarget your visitors.

5. Publish your content on social media as well.

6. Make your Content Marketing strategy Avatar-Based.

Social Media Marketing
In this part of the Digital Marketing pdf, we’ll talk about the stages of social media marketing.

1. People talk about you on social media whether you listen or not. Therefore, always try to comment and respond to both positive and negative comments. This works as it helps to keep your products or services top of mind of customers. Let them know that you are reachable 24/7. Be aware of what they talk about and trending topics.

2. Look for people who respond to your offers. Is the traffic from your social media increasing? Keep an eye on your analytics and trending topics and focus your energy on these areas to satisfy your audience.

3. No matter what stage you are in your business, social networking is crucial. Connect with other influencers and famous brands to create backlinks and scale your website traffic.

4. Put your offers in front of your audience and grow your Email list.

2. Engagement

Now that your prospects know you, it’s digital marketing pdf-engagementtime for engagement. There are several ways you can do it. Likewise, your engagement can come in different ways. Such as,

1. E-Mails

2. Social Media

3. YouTube Videos

Let’s talk about different Email marketing strategies you can learn from this Digital Marketing pdf to build up the engagement with your customers.

1. New Subscriber Welcome Email is a crucial part of customer engagement. The minute you get a new contact, you should send an Email welcoming them to your community.

You can inform them about the benefits they will get from being in your Email list and the new products and services they can expect.

2. Gated Content Delivery E-mails are the ones you send after the customer provides an E-mail or shares your product online. In return, you can provide them valuable information.

3. Emails to notify about Blog Articles you newly create should be sent out to your subscribers. You can insert a link to the post.

4. Webinar/Event Confirmation Emails should be sent out in a friendlier way. Let your customers find out why it is important for them.

5. Ask them to participate in Surveys or Reviews.

6. Create Contest Announcements to gain new subscribers.

3. Subscribe

Getting your visitors to subscribe to your email list won’t just happen.

They need to be convinced that you provide good and valuable content for them. For instance, you can make an ethical bribe. In other words, you can provide some solid content in exchange for your customer’s contact information.

This promotion should be convincing. Otherwise, they won’t buy it. Be creative and make the transaction. These are usually done in filling a form.

This way your customer gets access to high-quality products or services that you have promised and you get a new subscriber on your subscriber list.

4. Convert

digital marketing pdf-convert

Just because you have subscribers, it doesn’t mean that they will be converted. They might leave whenever they want.

Keep in mind that at this stage you shouldn’t think about your profit. You should think about the customer. Is he/she going to come with you to the end of the journey?

You can hook the customer by giving them a 50% offer for a product or service. You might be giving out a product ¼ its actual price. However, this is an investment. When you acquire the customer, the probability is that person is going to return for a more expensive product.

5. Excite

Your customer should be excited to continue doing business with you. If not it probably will turn out to be a one-time-only deal. So how can you excite your customer? The first step is to give them exactly what they have asked for.

If they perceive a cheap product compared to your offering price, they will never come back. Customer retention is more important than profit.

For instance, say your customer has bought a coffee machine. When you deliver you can give them some coffee servings and send an Email guide on how to make a delicious cup of coffee. How exciting is that?
The minute they receive their delivery you make a great impression and they are going to remember that.

6. Ascend

Ascend is the perfect name for this stage. Because the customer will probably buy. But is that person going to buy more? You need to convert your customer into a loyal and returning buyer who will make multiple purchases.

This is your cue to sweeten the deal or offerings.

For example, imagine your customer returns to buy a camera from you. The digital camera alone will be $2,495. Now you can suggest to the customer to buy a lens kit, camera bag, and a tripod for a reduced bundle price of $699.

You can add the actual price if they choose to buy it individually which is obviously higher.
Your customer will likely be thrilled to see this offer and will pay an extra $699 just to avoid the hassle of buying again and again for a higher price. From this, you make multiple sales and your customer will be happy too.

7. Advocate

It’s time for your happy and most loyal customers to become advocates for your business. When they are truly happy with your service or product, deliberately they become passive promoters of your product.

For example, they might make a YouTube video promoting your product without even you sponsoring it. If your customer is a reputable influencer then the chances are you will make a lot of sales out of them.

Another instance could be a review written by one of your customers in their blogs. If the blog is visited by millions of people imagine how many buyers will come to check out your product.

8. Promote

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to promote your product through your customers.

For example, you can promote your product on their websites. Every time someone buys your product, the blog owner gets a 20% commission from it.

This method is reliable and effective. The reason is, if the blog or the website you are promoting your product on is an authoritative and trustworthy website then its visitors know that it’s a place for good products too. So, these visitors won’t hesitate to buy.

On the other hand, the website owner has personal experience in purchasing and using your product then it’s going to be another bonus point.

Freelance Digital Marketing

This Digital Marketing pdf won’t be complete without mentioning freelance digital marketing. A digital marketer is a self-employed person with a lot of skills in his hands. You can be an SEO expert, ad creator, website builder, strategy builder, designer, and much more. You can help your clients to reach their goals.

There are pros to being a freelance digital marketer. You can live wherever you want while working and you get to be your own boss with your own schedule. You can save a lot of money because there are no travel charges. You are not limited to one workspace.

Today you might be in a coffee shop. The next day you will be in another country. The best part is you get to choose your projects and clients.

However, there are some flip sides to being a freelance digital marketer. One is no fixed salary. You are the one who will make or break your career. You have to be a very disciplined person to work without distractions. You won’t get any company benefits. You will have to work your socks off because you are alone.

A freelance digital marketer’s day can be different depending on the field. You will have a lot of responsibilities such as building backlinks for the website authority, making Facebook or Google Ads, writing blog posts, writing newsletters, creating a digital marketing strategy, building the marketing funnel, staying constantly active in relevant online communities and much more!

The day is hectic but in the long run, it’s all worth it. You can find freelance digital marketing jobs on Upwork, The Dots, LinkedIn Jobs, FlexJobs, ClearVoice Marketplace, Media Bistro, Problogger, People Per Hour, RemoteOK, and 99designs.

You need to have a particular set of skills. You have to know about E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing & SEO, Analytics and Facebook, Google Ads & Social Media very well. This knowledge will come in handy when you work with your clients.

If you are good at it then you can earn $45K – $102k a year as a digital marketing manager in the U.S.

Digital Marketing pdf Free Download

You might have learned so much information from this digital Marketing pdf. However, Digital marketing is quite a broad subject. It cannot be completely understood just by looking at one aspect. This is why you need to refer to other sources to broaden your knowledge of this subject.

There are many more digital marketing pdfs online you can download. For example, on Staenz, Digital Marketing Academy, you can find 12 great digital marketing Pdfs for you to download free.

Books On Digital Marketing

If you are old school who’d rather read a printed book, you can check to find out about books you can read on Digital Marketing.

Summing Up

Digital marketing is a vast subject. There are different aspects to consider. The key is always keeping the basic digital marketing principles in mind when you start digitally marketing your products and services.

The other most important part is to create a top-notch digital marketing strategy that matches your business and expertise. If you follow the right path it won’t be too overwhelming for you.

Always be adaptable. In this digital world, you cannot overlook the changes happening around you, you must grow, adapt, and keep with the times. You have to work hard to get ahead of your competitors.

Keep these tips you have learned in this digital Marketing pdf and take your first step into digital marketing with a crystal clear mind.